AT&T U-verse Availability

AT&T recently announced a milestone of a record 284,000 net U-Verse TV subscribers in the first quarter of 2009. This drives the total number of subscribers to more than 1.3 million. When coupled with the number of people who have subscribed to AT&T Advanced TV services, the total number of customers exceeds more than 3.5 million. The record number of U-verse TV subscriber additions was achieved in the first full quarter that AT&T’s Total Home DVR became available in U-verse TV markets.

Customer demand for U-verse TV is growing rapidly as AT&T continues to expand availability into more markets and launch a variety of new service enhancements. As of May 2009, U-verse TV is available in approximately 93 markets across 19 states. Its advanced fiber network is said to cover an estimated 18 million living units throughout the country. According to statistics, nearly 50% of AT&T U-Verse TV customers sign up for one of the two largest programming packages while over 90% of subscribers bundle U-Verse TV with the High Speed Internet service. U-verse Voice, AT&T’s IP-based phone service, is now available in 80 markets. This service was first introduced in Detroit Michigan back in January, 2008.

AT&T U-verse Expansion and Enhancements

AT&T recently expanded its Triple-Play promotional offer to all U-verse TV markets. This offer consists of a package that bundles U-verse TV, U-verse High Speed Internet and U-verse Voice at $30 for each service for a period of 12 months. The Triple-Play offer is available to all new subscribers placing orders online. The communications giant also offers AT&T/DirecTV bundled services in regions of its 22 state residential service area where the U-verse TV service has yet to be deployed. The AT&T/DirecTV bundle became a part of the AT&T Advanced TV portfolio this past February, offering satellite TV among services that include AT&T wireless, broadband and voice services.

AT&T has been quite busy over the past quarter in attempt to dramatically improve its U-verse service. Some of the most notable service enhancements made in the quarter include:

– Access to more than 100 High Definition channels. According to AT&T, its HD programming roster now exceeds the lineups offered by cable and satellite TV providers in every market where U-verse TV is available.

– Expanded U-verse TV international programming lineup that now includes exclusive channels for Chinese, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese viewers. This move was further complimented by the new U200 Latino package.

– The addition of college basketball programming provided by Yahoo Sports. This interactive application gave March Madness fans the luxury to view tournament brackets, game summaries, box scores and video clips of commentary and game analysis via the AT&T U-bar feature on their TV screen.

– Extensive coverage of the 2009 Masters tournament. This application catered to golf lovers by featuring player scorecards, an up-to-date leaderboard, bios and statistics, tournament photos, news updates, video archives and multiple channels simultaneously broadcasting live coverage of the Masters.

– Instant weather updates with Weather on Demand. This feature offers an interactive application that provides U-verse TV customers with the ability to find information regarding local and national weather all with the simple push of a button.

A Year of Innovation


2009 is proving to be a positive year for AT&T and its U-verse service. Things certainly got off to a good start as U-verse TV and DirecTV were both honored as the first video services to receive certification by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program. This certification shows that all U-verse TV receivers deployed exceed EPA requirements for energy efficiency.