Guide to AT&T TV + Internet Deals and Bundle Offers

After getting tons of positive feedback on the guide to Verizon Fios Deals, we worked up a similar guide for AT&T. This guide will keep you up to date on the latest bundles and special promotions available from AT&T. These offers are constantly changing and you’ve probably been bombarded by advertisements. This causes a lot of confusion for consumers. We’ll break the deals down and show you how to get the best deal.

The table below shows how much you can save depending on which services you combine. The Best Deals are the packages that provide the greatest possible savings. Details on the Best Deals can be found further down the page.

As of November 2015, after AT&T’s successful acquisition of DIRECTV, all U-verse Internet is available bundled with either U-verse TV or DIRECTV satellite service.

Some of the promotions require a 1-year service agreement, but in general U-verse does not require a long-term agreement. DIRECTV service requires a 2-year contract. Usually a coupon code is not needed to take advantage of an offer. Simply click the “Get It” link.

Services Special Offer Total Savings Term Install Fee Order Link
Uverse Internet (any plan) 12-month intro price varies 1 yr $99.00 Get It
Internet + TV
DIRECTV SELECT + Elite Internet M60 + $50 + ALL  $1490 2 yrs $0.00 Get
This Deal
U-Family TV + Elite Internet M67+ $50 + ALL  $1658 2 yrs $0.00 Get
This Deal
DIRECTV ULTIMATE + Max Plus Internet N/A 2 yrs $0.00 Get It
 Internet + Home Phone
Internet (any plan) + Voice (any plan) 12-month intro price varies 1 yr $99.00 Get It
TV + Home Phone
U-Family + Voice (any plan)  N/A
U200 TV (or higher) + Voice (any plan)  N/A
TV + Internet + Home Phone
DIRECTV SELECT + Elite Internet + Voice M80 + $50  $1970 2 yrs $0.00 Get
This Deal
DIRECTV CHOICE + Max Plus Internet + Voice N/A 2 yrs $0.00
DIRECTV ULTIMATE + Max Plus Internet + Voice N/A 2 yrs $0.00
TV + Internet + Home Phone + AT&T Wireless
Combine your U-verse or DIRECTV bill with wireless and save $10/mo

M60 = $60 off this combo per month for 24 months
M67 = $67 off this bundle per month for 24 months
M80 = $80.01 off this bundle per month for 24 months
$50 = $50 in promotion cards
ALL = Now included in the price: equipment for up to 2 rooms, HD DVR service, WiFi Gateway

Coupon Codes: No coupons or promo codes are needed for the current offers

Please read the terms and conditions of ATT Uverse service that are made available during the order process.

BEST DEAL #1: DIRECTV SELECT + Internet – $80.00/mo

SELECT TV package + Elite Internet starting at $80/mo

  • Save $60/mo for 2 years
  • No Home Phone Service Needed
  • Get $50 in promotion cards

Click Here to GET BEST DEAL #1

This Double Play Bundle takes advantage of the advanced video service made possible by DIRECTV. This package does not require phone service and includes free professional installation. With the included HD service, the SELECT TV package provides access to over 50 HD channels and 1000’s of video on demand titles.For maximum HD, the ULTIMATE TV Package ($136.99/mo) INCLUDES:

  • High-Definition service (normally $10.00/mo)
  • Premium Channels: HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and Cinemax (normally $59.96/mo)
  • The Sports Pack (normally $13.99/mo)

In total there are 315+ channels included ULTIMATE TV package. Premium subscriptions like HBO, etc include access to the video on demand titles available from those channels, which are all included in the ULTIMATE package.

Typical Breakdown for AT∓T Double Play
DIRECTV SELECT TV All Included $88.00
Elite Internet Plan $52.00
Promotional Discount for 24 months -$60.00
Monthly Rate $80.00
U-verse TV Equipment Fees
HD DVR included
Additional Receivers $6.50/mo


BEST DEAL #2: U-verse TV + Internet – $80/mo

U-Family TV + Max Turbo Internet starting at $80/mo

  • $67/mo off for 24 months
  • Includes 6 Mbps Internet
  • Equipment included for up to two rooms.
  • Get $50 in promotional cards

Click Here to GET BEST DEAL #2

Customers can get this double play bundle with U-Family TV for $80/month. The new All Included bundles include Wi-Fi Gateway and HD DVR + 1 additional receivers covering 2 rooms total. The U-Family TV package has over 200 channels including Disney, Discovery, Sprout, and Nick Jr. Promo discount is good for 24 months, but only requires a 12-month contract.

Typical Breakdown for Double Play Bundlee
U-Family TV All Included $95.00
Elite Internet Plan $52.00
Promo discount for 24 months ($67.00)
Monthly Rate $80.00
Uverse Equipment Options
DVR (HD capable) included
Additional Receiver $6.50/mo

BEST DEAL #3: Triple Play $89.99/mo

DIRECTV SELECT + Elite Internet + Unlimited Voice
starting at $89.99/mo

  • Get $50 in promotional cards.
  • $80.01 total discount per month for 24 months
  • Includes HD and Whole Home DVR.
  • Professional Installation Included

Click Here to GET BEST DEAL #3

This deal is the lowest price point ever offered for a triple play bundle. It includes TV from DIRECTV’s SELECT package and 6 mbps U-Verse internet. The total promotional monthly savings comes to $64.00 which lasts for 12 months. This offer requires a 2-year contract on DIRECTV service and a 12-month contract on U-Verse internet.With U-Verse Voice,  you’ll get Unlimited calling in the U.S., U.S. territories, Mexico, and Canada, over 20 calling features, including Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Three-Way Calling, and integrated features like Voicemail Viewer and Caller ID on TV.

Typical Breakdown for Triple Play Bundle
DIRECTV SELECT TV All Included $88.00
Elite Internet $52.00
U-Verse Voice $30.00
discount for 24 months ($80.01)
Monthly Rate $89.99
Equipment Options
DVR (HD-ready) included
Additional Receiver $6.50/mo

How to Order

  1. Click a deal link on this page, which will bring you to U-verse on
  2. Click on “Shop U-verse”
  3. Click on “Build Your Own”
  4. Enter your phone number -OR- address information.
  5. Choose your desired services and options.
  6. Complete the Checkout Process.

AT&T Disclaimer:

Offer ends July 16, 2016. New approved residential customers only. Prorated ETF ($180 for TV; $180 for Internet) and Equipment Non-Return fees apply.
Geographic and service restrictions apply to U-verse services. Call or go to to see if you qualify.
$80 BUNDLE PRICE: Price for U- family TV ($50 per month) and U-verse® High Speed Internet 6.0Mbps ($30 per month). Includes HD service, Wi-Fi Gateway, Total Home DVR + up to 3 add ‘l receivers. Must maintain all bundled services for 24 mos. to receive advertised pricing. After 24 mos., then-prevailing monthly rates, currently ($95 for TV; and $52 for Internet), apply unless customer calls to cancel /change services before end of promo period. Pricing excludes a $49 activation fee and other charges including a federal regulatory video cost recovery charge, city video cost recovery fees and a Broadcast TV surcharge. Credit restrictions apply. Pricing, programming, features subject to change at any time without notice.



$89.99 2-YEAR BUNDLE PRICE: Ends July 16, 2016. Includes SELECT All Included Package ($50 per month), U-verse® High Speed Internet 6.0 ($30 per month), U-verse® Voice Unlimited North America ($9.99 per month), and monthly fees for Wi-Fi Gateway and HD DVR + up to 3 additional receivers. Services: Svc addresses must match. Must maintain all bundled services for 24 months to receive advertised pricing. After 24 months or loss of eligibility, then-prevailing monthly rates apply (currently $88 for TV, $30 for Internet; $30 for Voice), unless customer cancels/changes services prior to the end of 24 months. Pricing excludes taxes, additional equipment fees and other charges.
† Must maintain a bundle of TV and Internet on a combined bill in order to receive unlimited data plan allowance at no additional charge.
DIRECTV SERVICE TERMS: Subject to Equipment Lease & Customer Agreements. Must maintain a minimum base TV package of $29.99 per month. Additional Fees & Terms: $7 per month for each additional Receiver and/or Genie Mini/DIRECTV Ready TV/Device; $5/mo. for TiVo service for TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV. Taxes not included. $19.95 Handling & Delivery fee may apply. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Visit for details.
U-VERSE VOICE including 911 dialing, will not function during a power outage without battery backup power. It is your responsibility to purchase necessary battery back- up units. U-verse Voice Unlimited North America: Includes unlimited calling within the U.S., Canada, Mexico and U.S. Territories; otherwise, per minute rates apply.