How to Record from Fios to DVD

Verizon’s Fios service is slowly spreading throughout their American markets, and as the user community grows, people switching from various cable and satellite companies are finding the transition more difficult than they anticipated. Recording shows to DVD has sparked a lot of discussion in various web forums, because it has posed a challenge to Fios customers. Since Verizon’s channel lineup is mostly in the digital spectrum, and will eventually be completely digital, recording video directly to DVD is not as easy as it is with channels in the analog spectrum. There are, however, some relatively easy ways to accomplish the transfer.

DVD Recorder
If you have a standalone DVD Recorder, it is relatively easy to record directly to DVDs from live Fios TV programming, or from Verizon’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR). If you are recording live TV directly to the DVR, simply connect your DVD Recorder to the S-video and stereo jacks on the back of the Fios Set-top Box (STB). You will be able to record directly from the live TV feed through the STB to the DVD Recorder.

If you have subscribed to Verizon’s Fios DVR, you can record either live TV or previously recorded materials. Once you’ve connected the DVD Recorder to the DVR using the S-video and stereo jacks on the back of the DVR, you can play previously recorded material on the DVR and record it directly to the DVD Recorder.

If you have a High Definition (HD) STB, or a HD DVR, you must have a Blu-Ray DVD Recorder to capture the video in full HD. Otherwise, your video will be converted to a lower resolution by your DVD Recorder.

TiVO Browser
If you are a TiVO owner and subscribe to Fios, creating DVDs from material you have recorded is much easier than with the other methods. TiVO allows you to browse your saved content over your local network via your web browser. You can download recordings directly to your PC from your network-connected TiVO, and burn them to DVDs using your favorite DVD burning utility. You can also edit the video using video editing software before you burn it to DVD.

FireWire to PC or Mac
Verizon’s Fios DVRs come with a FireWire port. If this FireWire port is not active, you can request that Verizon activate the port, or replace your DVR with one that has an active FireWire port. Once you have determined that your FireWire port is active, you can connect your Mac or PC to the port, and use video capture software to copy the video that is currently playing to your computer. Once you are done, you can edit the video and burn it to DVD.

Recording Limitations

Recording video via FireWire is limited to channels without copy protection that you can “copy freely” from. The local channels and non-pay channels are usually free from copy protection. You will not be able to copy video from pay channels, or video from channels that are copy protected. Some DVD Recorders may also have difficulty recording from certain channels for the same reason. If you have a DVD Recorder, you should do research to find out what you can and cannot record to DVD from Fios.

March 26, 2009 Post by in Fios.