Verizon adds WiFi

Starting this week, millions of Verizon High Speed Internet and Fios Internet customers will have access to thousands of wireless hotspots across the country. Verizon has teamed up with Boingo to provide the hotspots, which will provide high speed internet access at locations at various public places including many hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, and convention centers.

This new feature pairs nicely with the current free Compaq Netbook promotion that Verizon is running. It’s apparent that broadband access is morphing into a more seamless, go anywhere product. In the future we can expect home broadband, wifi hotspots, and wireless 3G/4G broadband, and Wimax to become a single seamless product offering.

While WiFi access is a welcome feature, there are some drawbacks. For starters, the WiFi software only works on Windows. Mac users are out of luck. Also, to entice users to upgrade to faster and more expensive home broadband plans, the WiFi hotspot access is only included with the mid-tier and up plans. With high speed internet customers (DSL), only the Power and Turbo plans qualify for the WiFi access. With Fios, only the Faster, and Fastest plans qualify (25Mbps and up).

To see what hotspots are available in your area, use Verizon’s Wi-Fi Access HotSpot Locator.

July 28, 2009 Post by in Fios.