What are Fios Widgets?

Verizon added much functionality to its popular television service with a free interactive feature known as Fios Widgets. Introduced in 2006, Fios Widgets represented the first of numerous product enhancements that allow subscribers to not only control, but share entertainment and data throughout their homes. This feature offers easy, one-touch on-demand access to traffic and weather in real-time. Fios subscribers simply use their remote controls to display live information on their TV screens all without interrupting the program they are currently viewing.

How Fios Widgets Work

Fios Widgets are a hit among subscribers mainly because they are so easy to use. Whether it is local traffic or weather, the information is displayed based on your ZIP code. When using this feature for the first time, all you have to do is use your remote control to access a menu from the Fios TV Interactive Programming Guide. After selecting “Widgets”, simply enter your five-digit ZIP code into the keypad. Verizon’s proprietary software facilitates the interaction between your remote control and the server where the information for the Widgets are stored.

Once the data is retrieved, the information is then displayed individually underneath the current program, similar to a sports or stock market ticker. After you set up the service, Widgets can be easily accessed by pushing a single button on your remote control. If you want to view traffic and weather in different areas across the country, just return to the main Widgets menu and enter the desired ZIP code. It is really that easy.

Benefits of Fios Widgets


Widgets offer numerous benefits to Fios TV subscribers, the major one being that the feature is provided at no additional cost and included as a part of your monthly subscription. Fios Widgets are very user-friendly, allowing you to easily switch to different regions of the country by utilizing the Change Location function. The structure of these widgets ensure that your program will not be interrupted as you have the luxury to navigate through channels by using the Up and Down channel buttons on your remote control. You can also use the arrow keys to navigate through a variety of Widget features. The only downside to Fios widgets is that they do not work if you are viewing On-Demand programming.

New Widgets


Verizon is always making upgrades to its television service and with those improvements, many new Fios Widgets have been introduced. Aside from traffic and weather reports, subscribers now have access to more Widgets that include:

– Daily sports headlines and national news

– Daily horoscopes

– Community news based on information provided by local municipalities

– Information featuring the most popular programs and On Demand video titles available in the subscriber’s region

About Fios TV


Verizon’s Fios TV provides a vast collection of all digital programming featuring well over 400 total channels, more than two dozen high-definition channels and a video on-demand service. Fios is delivered across the provider’s fiber optic network to well over 100 communities in more than 14 states. California, Florida, Indiana and Maryland are just a few areas where subscribers are able to enjoy the best Fios TV widgets have to offer.

March 8, 2009 Post by in Fios.